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Another British Coach Lands Job Back Home After Roles Abroad

There is some uncertainty from coaches who are worried, that coaching stints abroad may harm their chances of getting a job back home in the future.

Yes, it can be a difficult task finding employment back in the U.K, when the majority of clubs and organisations question your ability to 'adapt' to 'football' after being away working in...... 'football', but it can be done and is being done.

A quick two names I can recall from mind in two different roles, having returned from overseas:

- Graham Potter, who spent over 7 years building his coaching career in Sweden, before heading to England where he now finds himself pitting his skill in the Premier League with Brighton & Hove Albion.

- Ryan Eldred, held roles in England working with Youth Development and the Community at Chelsea FC and Portsmouth FC, before moving to China and South Korea for 4 years. He recently moved back to England and is currently working at Norwich City FC as Lead Football Development Coordinator.

As you can see, the above examples show that it is possible to make the move back home and get into roles which differ in responsibilities.

Martin Rennie has recently been appointed as the 1st Team Manager at Scottish League One club, Flakirk FC. This move follows previous roles abroad in the USA (the MLS but managing Vancouver) and South Korea, with notably Vancouver Whitecaps and Seoul E-Land respectively, allowing for experiences at higher levels in the game.

A common barrier (excuse) to coaches who aim to get back in the game in their home country, tends to be the lack of knowledge they have working in the local leagues in their own country, regardless how impressive their previous job titles were abroad.

It seems like on this occasion, this barrier has been broken down and for those coaches either currently working abroad or considering moving to work abroad, your future opportunities will largely depend on how you apply yourself, network correctly and keep yourself relevant...... getting some good results could actually help too!


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