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It's Alright For You Because....

Have you ever been told by someone 'It's alright for you because...', which suggests that everything you've worked hard for was given to you on a plate, or through a stroke of luck?

Don't worry about it. People who say 'it's ok for you because this or that', are normally those who are stuck in unwanted situations either in life or career. It may be said from people who are instilled with a pessimistic mindset or most likely, by someone who has not 'gone the extra mile', in turn, leading them to not get anything back in terms of opportunity.

Now there's the difference. If someone has put in the hard work and given more than taking to create their own life and career opportunities, it would be an easy for someone who hasn't, to mistakenly think that the success or 'easy and better life' was gained through luck. In fact, what really happens in these circumstances is that the other person, has no idea how hard the 'lucky' person has worked or of the sacrifices they've made, to now allow them to reap the benefits.

With that said, the next time somebody may consciously or unconsciously suggest that something is 'alright for you because you have a nice job / house / pay slip / healthy lifestyle', don't be shy to share the reasons you have these things and also, help them by giving them examples of how your success were created.

You never know, it may actually help spring them into action and have them start focusing on themselves more.

Watch the full video below


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