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The Biggest Mistake Is Not Starting

At times, the biggest mistake we can make is not starting at all. We compare ourselves unrealistically and talk ourselves out of making a start, or doing something we need or want.

Overthinking something or doing too much research can stop us from starting anything at all. How many times have you had an amazing idea that made you excited and believe that it can work and be successful, only to start comparing yourself to global brands or companies and in turn, convincing yourself that there's no point to even start implementing any of your ideas? How many times have you thought about that promotion or change of job which could improve your life, only to talk yourself down saying you're not ready or there are better people than you, who are ahead of you in the queue?

Well guess what, you would be absolutely right and it would be a total waste of time, if you never take the first step to start. You are free to start anything you want to, whether it be a new clothes brand as a business, opening up a new sports academy or starting your own blog... there are no rules to say that you cannot do this and there are certainly no rules saying that if you do, it won't be successful.

Having a business plan, a strategy or doing some research is always important when making plans to create or build something... but don't over do it. Too much overthinking or market research or googling, can cause us to start feeling inferior against competitors or others who are already doing similar to what we want to do. If everyone did this, nobody would ever start anything because almost everything, has already been started. Even if it has been done, do it to the best of your ability.

Be Realistic

Taking action and 'doing' is the key for sure, but let's stay realistic and control expectations whilst keeping a positive focus on starting what you need and want to start. If you are wanting to start your own sports clothing brand, it would be a good idea not to compare yourself with Adidas or Nike just yet, to avoid the danger of feeling overwhelmed that you will never achieve the heights and success of these companies. However, such companies can certainly be used as a blueprint and for motivation, because after all, even the biggest brands and organisations mostly started from humble beginnings.

You cannot achieve anything without starting. Be realistic, plan and be ready, but never avoid starting.


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