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This course shares everything I did from start to finish, which saw me earning between £1Ok - £12k per month.

In the space of 4 years starting as an amateur coach, I became a professional coach earning thousands of $/£ per month.


I have coached in;

- Top League in Taiwan

- Top League in the Philippines

- 2nd Tier in China

- 2nd Tier in Ghana

and now I consult for a number of academies and businesses across the world.

This course will provide step by step instructions and tasks to follow, to support your quest in becoming a professional coach.

A tried and tested step by step guide of how to build your pathway to becoming a professional soccer coach at a professional club. Throughout the 6 module course, guidance and strategies will be shared to;

- Learn how to get a job with a professional club

- Improve your identity and brand exposure

- Improve your networking strategies

- Get all the tools needed to open up more opportunities

- Put yourself in a better position to get hired

Course Modules

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