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You may have heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies being mentioned in the media or by people you know. If you haven't, or you have and still unsure what they are, take a read of this. In short, it's the future of global financial systems, just like dating and shopping has evolved to online means. It's like being your own bank.

Cryptocurrency is already being used across the globe, from individuals and businesses, to banks and countries and the best thing is, it's still not too late to get involved and build a better future for you and your family.


Register with these online crypto platforms and receive free crypto and other offers (Some links are affiliate links and none of this guidance should be taken as financial advice).


Personally, I find Coinbase the easiest platform for buying and trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. It's easy to use, links directly to your bank account and by completing simple quizzes, you can earn FREE crypto of around £46 value (or equivalent currency). This means that you are in affect, getting FREE money! If you use this link to sign up and buy £76 worth of Bitcoin within 180 days of opening a Coinbase account, we will both receive an extra £7.52.


Binance can be a little more daunting for a new crypto investor, however, the platform provides a wider range of cryptocurrency and tokens to invest in. I would suggest to only start your journey with Binance once you have a basic feel for how crypto exchange platforms work.  If you join with this referral link, we can both earn money from future trades made, giving us an equal split of 10%/10%. You can read more about our earnings with the referral scheme here.


Etoro is just as user-friendly as Coinbase with a large social aspect included in the platform. It's easy to join and simple to use, however, in my opinion it's not as complete as Coinbase, due to the fact that when you transfer your crypto to an external wallet, you cannot transfer it back onto the Etoro platform (something you can do on the platform options above). Overall, ideal for short term investors who want to buy and sell with ease.


Online Courseswebsites (44).png

I can help you get set up with accounts on Etoro and Coinbase, allowing you to invest at home on your laptop or on the move via mobile phone. I will also provide information on how to transfer your investments onto an external wallet, ensuring that you own them and making sure they cannot be accessed by anyone else. If this is of interest to you, more information can be found on my consultancy page here.

In addition, by becoming a Premium Member of Matt Ward Consulting, you will have access to future investment news and an insight into my own personal investments. The Premium Membership also gives you access to premium articles and an overseas jobs board, what is not accessible to non-members.
Get started here for only £2.99 a month (or equivalent currency).

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