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supporting you with your taiwan arrival and future!

'' I cannot recommend the services Matt offers enough. With his support and the translation expertise of local Taiwanese staff, Rita,  I was able to secure an apartment whilst avoiding potential costly mistakes, and was given peace of mind when finalising contract details. The service received was above and beyond expectations''!

Joachim, Taipei Natural Energy Specialist


Airport Pickup

Whether you want us to meet you at the airport or want to have transport instructions sent before, we can help give you peace of mind by arranging suitable transport for when you land.



Book in for a 1on1 orientation session before you arrive, or let us send you detailed information to help make your first day as relaxed as possible. We can pass on our specific knowledge to satisfy your orientation needs, enabling you to get out of the airport and to your location safely. 



We will help arrange suitable accommodation depending on your preferences and needs. You may want a place to live for a few days or a longer duration, and this is where our knowledge and connections will come in handy to help you settle.

Taiwan orientation

Different to the airport orientation, with this being specific to give you the 'lay of the land' about anything Taiwan. This can be in the form of local information such as cost of living or welfare needs, to information about renting houses, dinning out or finding a job.



If you don't already have a job to step into or you are looking for something more sustainable in the long run, we can provide you with a 'career development' workshop, to support your chances of finding employment. The detail of these workshops can vary depending on personal needs, and are conducted by Matt, who has specialist knowledge of recruitment and professional development.

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